well, it's been a couple of months. i'm a damn slacker, i am.

i'm living in boston now. dorchester, to be precise. it's much better than living in cleveland, i'll tell you what. there's public transportation, attractive women, and left-wing people - sometimes all in close proximity. the main disadvantage is that liquor is much more expensive. even in the lower-income area where i live, it's hard to find a drink for under $6.

working for legal aid is great. much of the work is over-the-phone intakes, which is designed to get the basics of the person's situation, but it also helps to lend a sympathetic ear to people who are either distraught or very angry. i also get research projects, lobbying calls and assorted other duties. last week i wrote an appeal of an administrative ruling in an unemployment insurance case. this past week i researched massachusetts tax law. my co-student-interns are lovely people, but have two flaws. one, they never want to go drinking; two, they're goddamn liberals.

i have a new nephew, who's almost two months old. his name is "adin", which means "delicate" or "gentle" in hebrew. i guess my brother and his wife decided to go with the "boy named sue" theory of child-rearing. they're all moving to maale edumim, an israeli colony, next month.

grades are in, and if i may be immodest, i did very well. i'm hoping that my performance this semester pulled me up to the top 15% or so. i decided not to try out for journal or mock trial. instead i'll occupy myself with the national lawyers guild and hopefully street law. maybe i'll sleep more or get a girlfriend, if i stop being so unloveable.

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