the axioms of evil

i propose to axiomatize evil, the better to understand it and thereby squelch it.

1. axiom of choice: we choose whether or not to do evil.
2. axiom of plenitude: there's plenty of potential evil.
3. axiom of intensionality: no matter how good we are, there is evil within us.
4. axiom of interference: our perceived self-interest interferes with our ability to judge what is evil.

as i have not been able to prove completeness in this theory, it's possible that more axioms will need to be added.

the 5 Ss of stress relief

i figured out something else i can blog about: lists.

here are the 5 Ss of stress relief. it rests on a base of scientifically valid knowledge, but the superstructure is due to me and my roommate.

1. sex.
2. sweat. i.e. exercise.
(2a. sexercise.)
3. smiles. laughter is a stress relievant. think "relievant" is not a word? kiss my butt.
4. spicy food.
5. sleep.

I'm baaaaaaaack

it's the six month anniversary of my last post. happy aniversary!

i figure i should post at least once every six-month period.

also, happy st. patrick's day!