israeli-palestinian actor might be imprisoned; settler accused of selling weapons to palestinians

i saw two stories yesterday about the israeli "justice" system.

first, democracy now reports that famous israeli actor mohammed bakri may face jail time for making a documentary about israeli terrorism. he went to jenin during the massacre in 2002 and filmed footage, releasing it as jenin, jenin. it was originally banned in israel, "the only democracy in the middle east," until the supreme court removed the ban. now he's being sued by unknown people. so he's facing prison time for speech and will not be able to confront his accusers, but he can take comfort in the fact that he's living in a democracy.

the second story hasn't been reported by any english-language media that i've seen, but it can be read here in hebrew. an israeli settler living in qiryat arba is accused of selling guns to palestinians. apparently he presented himself as a collector and bought over 100 decommissioned rifles, which he then recommissioned and sold to palestinians. this is a crime because, you see, while israeli colonists may own private weapons, palestinians, who have pressing self-defense needs, may not.

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