why you should read this blog, reason #1

this post inaugurates yet another blog. why in the world should you pay attention to this one, when there are so many other blogs out there, including ones of greater quality, relevance, and entertainment value than this one?

because this blog is, to the best of my knowledge, the only blog primarily devoted to things starting with the letter "L".*

topics i can envision covering include:

- law
- law school
- language
- logic
- logicality
- love
- left-wing politics
- the levant
- labor

topics that i cannot envision covering more than occasionally, unless i can recast them as starting with the letter "L", include:

- physics
- medical school
- psychoanalysis (unless lacanian)
- celebrity gossip (unless concerning lindsey lohan)
- personal gossip
- family
- right-wing politics
- dykes
- that TV show about the people marooned on a pacific island

* but i haven't looked around. if there's another blog devoted to these things, i'll have to find another compelling reason for you to read this one, won't i?

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