horsie joke

i've always wanted to wrote a joke, but have never been clever enough. but today i am, so here i go.

viola was showing her horse to sebastian and bragging about how smart he is. she demonstrates by asking:

"what's three plus four?"

the horse pounds its hoof against the ground seven times.

"what's two times three?"

it pounds its hoof six times.

"what's the square root of twenty-five?"

it pounds its hoof five times.

"aha!" exclaims sebastian. "your horse isn't that smart. it forgot about the negative root!"


Vegan & Gluten Free Yummy said...

nope not so funny...sorry...

do you ever watch scrubs?

Disgruntled Goat said...

you just don't get it cause you're a mathtard.

no, i don't watch scrubs. i watch that show where the island is a character.